Persona 4 the Golden Animation –02 The Perfect Plan

This episode is not awful. It also isn’t good. It is a crystallization of my complaints and worries stated in the previous review. The original anime started out as slowly paced, but with the same engaging air of mystery, as the game. The introductions to the characters was engaging and watching the arc of the Fools coming together and making a stand against the murders unfold was entertaining. The numbing speed and Hardcore Action (TM) of Narukami’s god-mode fist use of Izanagi at the end of this series’ premiere episode appears to have been a portend of the series’ pacing over all.

This second episode jumps one month in the timeline and adds Kanji to the team without context. In this alleged new game+ scenario, I don’t know what will be different in the show. Who are Yukiko and Chie really? Why does Narumaki continue to spend time with Yosuke? When did Kanji become their friend? Does he just know the two of them or everyone? There are even more questions than that, and I don’t think the gags and eye candy are enough to keep more discerning viewers around. A new viewer may be even more lost and I am at this point. I am almost certain that I would not continue to watch this show if I were a new viewer and I briefly considered stopping now, but I would really like to give the show another chance as a long-time fan of Persona 4.

The twist on the idea of setting up time to spend days with friends (with which only players of the game would actually be familiar) was comical and watching Narukami try to juggle all the events and make it back to Nanako on time was entertaining. The babe hunt was tiring, but it was funny to see these idiotic boys sitting on their bikes failing so hard. I was happy to see Marie not being pure fan-service, but interestingly enough she is spreading that role to the other girls in the show, which is irritating. Way to go team, reminding us that girls need guys to validate them! My final issue to raise regarding the portrayal of women in the show is that of Hanako Ohtani’s appearance and the extra dig the show gets in at the obese. Yosuke is terrified that this completely undesirable fellow student mistakenly believes that he is interested in her. She is almost framed visually as a kaiju and her destruction of Yosuke’s bike is both unrealistic and a display of rotten low-hanging comedy fruit that would have been better left to fall to the ground.

Why should I keep watching this show? Why should you? I don’t know what in this show is engaging and has hooks to keep my attention. The characters are shallow. The murders are not important. The slice of life focus is interesting and it almost seems like some compelling developments might happen with Marie, but the lack of balance and superficiality does nothing to serve these potentially promising elements.

The Worst Plan Persona 4 the Golden Animation –02 The Perfect Plan This episode is not awful. It also isn’t good.

It’s Just Mist In My Eyes

It’s Just Mist In My Eyes

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 2 Ami – Sailor Mercury

This second episode is a good showing for Crystal, especially after what I felt was a very strong opening. It was simple, informative, engaging, and opened up the World of Sailor Moon. It gets bonus points from me for feeling original despite the ubiquity of this scenario. I see shades of Captain Planet, Power Rangers and even the Avengers (and the…

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unKamenCast-RX! 073 The Lost One

unKamenCast-RX! 073 The Lost One

Our poor lost Kiva episode. This one covers Kiva 37-42 in a less than desirable format


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lifeisapinkiepieparty asked: Let me just say this before I start! You are all amazing and I will be enjoying this blog!

Why thank you. Feel free to continue the compliments.

But really, it’s great to hear the positive, but please remember to call out any of us on crap. Hopefully there won’t be any, but we want to make our content the best it can be!

unKamenCast-RX! 072 The First Kamentary

unKamenCast-RX! 072 The First Kamentary

Join Aleph, Ammit and GomessQ for a running Kamentary on Kamen Rider the First! We cover this 2005… badassified soft re-boot/alternate telling of the 1972 classic story by Shotaro Ishinomouri. It is definitely an interesting thing to discuss.

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mmanalysis asked: How did you get into Kamen Rider?


Its actually a pretty long history.

Have had engagements with tokusatsu numerous times before. As a kid I was big on Ultraman and Ultraman Ace and Tiga were the first toku shows I’ve watched. Used to even browse through Ultraman related media when internet was available, even though I wasn’t clever enough to figure out where to actually watch them.

I think I learned of the existence of Kamen Rider somewhere during that time, and was a thing that I was aware of, but never something I really knew too much of. Actually the first modern Kamen Rider I’ve seen was Double when I was in Japan on and saw it on TV. Thought “wow it looks like the one I can remember AKA. Rider 1, but with a neat gimmick”

Power Rangers of course came in passing time to time. Actually the first time I started to consider looking for and watching more toku was after Linkara’s History of Power Rangers, which were really good series of videos and did make me appreciate the franchise much more.

So I watched Power Rangers RPM, which I really liked, and from that I decided to watch Kamen Rider.

I don’t remember what was the first Kamen Rider I’ve watched. I think it was the very first one, since I thought if we want to watch a long-runner might as well start from the base form. I rather liked it, thought it was really good, but since that was back in the darker times when KITsubs (god bless them) wasn’t around and there were almost no subs for the Showa era, it kind of halted there for a while.

I think after that (or maybe prior) it was Kamen Rider Double, which… honestly I didn’t like that much. Didn’t excite me until much later on in the series, which I guess is partially why I think that saying Kamen Rider Double is a good gateway show is pure bull (seriously, the first few episodes were quite underwhelming).
So from that I went to watch Kamen Rider Black and Kuuga, which I very much liked and things just started snowball from there I suppose.


kaijuvsgiantrobotsvsme asked: Right, yeah, we're gonna definitely talk about PuToTyra. You save that for me unless a bidding war starts.

No problem.