Home Late- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 12 Review

I can’t stay mad at Yu! There’s still an OVA to watch after all… Home Late- Persona 4 The Golden Animation 12 Review

Persona 4 the Golden Animation – 12 Welcome Home

As Narukami said, “I’m home.”

Over the course of the series Marie has been through a lot and we’ve been there with her. She was our cipher to see different sides of familiar characters, her amnesia was the impetus for Golden’s main plot of making memories, and she served as McGuffin turned powerhouse once she faced herself with a little help from…

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Dream Boat - Moon Speak 06

Dream Boat – Moon Speak 06


Join Sono and Ammit as they discuss Tuxedo Mask and the awesome women with whom he shares the screen from Queen Serenity to Queen Beryl.


If you’d like to comment on our thoughts, or ask any questions our inbox is trialofheroes@gmail.com or we can be reached individually @sonoyourface and @trialofheroeson Twitter.…

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FU Gaim - Gaim 46 - RX! 083

FU Gaim – Gaim 46 – RX! 083


Aleph, Ammit and Jonathan discuss and review Kamen Rider Gaim 46 with special guest Hannah!

Just some of the topics discussed are:

-How awful this show is as a Kamen Rider

-Poor use of mythology in a narrative

-Urobuchi’s ailment and how it affected

Contact the show unkamencastrx@gmail.com

Or tweet the show @unKam…

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Remember when Minato was described as, like, an unknown factor by ryouma like it meant anything? Because he was also using the same terms to describe kouta?

Because the show sure didn’t.


Y’all know what needs to happen?

Kamen Rider needs to have ratings so low that the next season will be the last one.

Alternately, Kamen Rider just needs to stop for like ten years.  Give everyone a chance to digest it, do a movie or two and then someone’ll come up and say “I’ve got an idea for a Kamen Rider series.  Whaddaya say, everyone?  One last one?  Just to set everything right?”

Because when those happen, amazing things happen.

Maybe we’d get another hooky trinity of Rider films. I’d settle for one ambitious attempt.

Dream Bound- Sailor Moon Crystal 6 Review

#ItsAllConnected!! SMC showcases great storytelling structure and hooks me. Dream Bound- Sailor Moon Crystal 6 Review

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 6- Tuxedo Mask

Ambiguity, threat escalation and wide ranging impact make this episode an exciting answer to my previous complaints. By the end of the episode more questions about Mamorou Chiba remain, even as Usagi finally realizes he is Tuxedo Mask. He is a desperate person, who is willing to take desperate measures. His kindness and care for Usagi are a mix of…

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brad-t asked: I can't fathom why someone who hates Gaim would follow kamenradar. :')

I followed Kamen Radar because I thought the Gaim 45 review was interesting and I am curious to read more. Just because [I think] Gaim is (has become) awful, doesn’t mean I won’t hear people say good things about it. I think they brought up some interesting perspectives.

Despite whatever impression people may falsely hold about me (Ammit) I do enjoy listening to opinions with which I do not agree and engaging in discourse, not just brutalizing those with which I have disagreements.